Audiovisual translations: transformation of language, taste, custom, and culture

Translation, in any form, is a task of huge responsibility, as any mistake in this job may lead to the complete alteration of the meaning and essence. When the task is about Audiovisual translation, it is like a cherry on a cake. Audiovisual translation is not only about the transformation of language, but they have the heavy responsibility of culture and lifestyle transfer as well. It is really common to find advertisements in the global language, English, these days. Even Advertisements which are in Hindi or some other native language have words of English language in them, popping every now and then.

Let it be any documentary film, any advertisement or anything, have you ever noticed that the ones which are in your language, depicting your culture and lifestyle appeal and engage you more? Yes, they do. When we talk particularly about advertisements, an advertisement in the local language has more chances to persuade the audience to buy the products and use the services advertised than an advertisement in English. Advertisements these days are made such that they can connect the widest possible population with them. This is aided by the audiovisual translation technology, which allows the making of changes in the language, taste, culture, and lifestyle depicted in the advertisement.

An audiovisual translator has some major challenges. The professional has to translate the language and culture keeping in mind that the essence of the source content is not lost and the target audience can connect to it. A professional translator is bound to have great command of both the languages (source and target). It is the job of the translator to take care of language, religion, culture and customs considerations as well. Necessary visual translations like translating texts to be displayed on the screen are also incorporated in audiovisual translations.

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