Ten tips for cost competent technical translations

The number of requests from people who speak the same language often multiplies when you send materials in other languages. Cultural differences, differences in experience and perspective will complicate the message. The translation itself could be more expensive if you do not pay attention to its wording. If the content is confusing, it means more time with the technical translator. The lack of clarity can be expensive. You can reduce costs and receive the message more effectively. Here are ten ways to keep costs down and clarify your message.

  • Use Images: You have communicated ideas clearly and effectively for centuries. Even before people spoke, they could express their pictures.
  • Be consistent: For each object, use the same term when referring to the object. If you change a name or use an alias, it introduces confusion.
  • Be concise: Simple phrases carry information well. Set aside prepositional phrases and technical explanations that readers do not need.
  • Structure of Use: Structure means that all similar material is fragmented to facilitate translation, as the context provides answers to some questions.
  • Avoid Redundancy: Your solid structure will raise issues in one place. If you find yourself repeating the information quite often, try and fix it.
  • Avoid contractions: words like “don’t” and “can’t” slow down the translation and often have no simple feedback in other languages. Try to avoid them.
  • Be clear: specify the instructions in numbered passages and the simplest language. Describe the elements in the least number of commonly used words as possible.
  • Avoid complex words: words that have more than one meaning slow down the translation. You can also drastically change the meaning of a sentence.

Translated materials are less expensive than translation costs and customer service and achieve the desired results with clear, concise, relative and structured communication.

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