Understand the Computer Translation Tools – Pros and Cons

Nowadays, lots of computer softwares are used to translate the languages in professional translation company and individual translation service. But, these softwares are not enough and intelligently programmed to do the correct translation.

Computer translation tools cannot handle the new situations appropriately. It is a vexing problem for the programmers of this software because all the languages evolve with time, thus a word’s meaning can be different tomorrow depending how people are using it. That is the main reason why the computers can never translate like a human.  Let us look at some pros and cons of the computer as a transitional tool:


  • Computer translation tool is quite convenient to use if translating text with the repetitive words from the specific interest areas in various languages, since it will translate material in majority of the languages.
  • This software is freely available and it is one main benefit, compared to the competent professional translator.
  • It saves time, as software will easily translate large texts speedily.


  • Software can never comprehend context and solve ambiguity issues. Idiomatic expressions, slang and Colloquialisms are stumbling block to computer translation, as this can’t reproduce mental processes or experience of a translator.
  • Accuracy is one problem. The translation software gives word to word translation. It cannot understand the nuances of language. This can just convey the general idea about the text. To be very useful, machine translated text should be edited and reviewed by the competent translator.

Confidentiality is another issue with the machine translation. Entrusting personal information or sensitive corporate to the Web based tool can be the risky proposition. With the professional translator, confidentiality will be protected.

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