Medical translation broadly refers to the translation of marketing of clinical, technical and regulatory documentation, training curriculum and software tutorials for pharmaceuticals, medical and healthcare fields. Most of the countries, especially the ones that deal in their native languages, require medical literature and accurate labelling processes. The translation of medical data requires utmost precision. Since the medical terms, facts and figures are quite a challenge to understand, no comprise can be allowed in understanding them. Failure to do so can be detrimental to health and even life in severe cases. This expounds the need of trained translators that have sound knowledge of the medical terminology.

At HSS Translational Services, we offer you the most efficient team of medical translators with exceptional language skills and in depth understanding of the medical scenario ranging from dentistry, dermatology, neurology, plastic surgery to psychiatry and endocrinology along with similar other specialities. We provide customized solutions to all your requirements bearing in mind the exclusive needs of our clients. We translate and compile patient history, clinical reports, product descriptions, patents, medical certificates and all kinds of marketing needs like catalogues, brochures and instructional material.

We make sure that your data is thoroughly edited, assessed and cross checked at various stages such that there remains not the minutes of errors. Apart from 100 different foreign languages, we offer translation services in 16 different Indian languages.

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