The Translation Process flow

Understanding Requirements

Acquiring Project Details

Submitting Quotation

Receiving Client's Approval

Workload Assessment

Define Delivery Schedule

Assigning Project Manager

Client Issues Purchase Order


Defining Scope

The first step after our Business development manager connects to the client is to understand their requirements in detail & analyze the project scope. Further we acquire more details like file type, word count, glossary, timelines & project rules etc. Based on this the RM makes a workload assessment and finalizes the delivery schedule. A quotation is submitted with the client along with the delivery schedule for an approval. On client’s approval and after receiving the purchase order, a dedicated Project manager is assigned.


Project Preparation

The Project manager prepares Project kit, Project checklist and briefs the team on project detail and typicality. Potential problems are proactively identified and the client is sent an alert for providing clarifications. Thereafter the Translation team comprising Translators, Editors, Proofreaders & QA takes charge. If necessary specific technical training is provided to the team. Finally the glossary is worked out and project folder is created on the file server.

Project Kit & Checklist

Briefing to the Project team

Engaging Translation Team

Translators, Editors, Proofreaders & QA.

Potential Issues Detected

Alert sent to client for clarifications

Glossary is Worked Out

Project Folder created on server

Allocation of files & Instructions

Use of domain specialist translators

Proofreaders review the text

Clarification sorted from Translator

Translators deliver the assignment

Query report generated for client

Required Corrections made

Language Quality Report generated


TEP & Quality

The files and related information is allocated to domain specialist translators. For projects of longer duration a query report is generated for the client along with a weekly report. The assigned translators deliver translated files as per timelines, glossary & other instructions. Proofreaders review the translated text and submit a review report. Clarifications are sorted over the review report and translator’s comments are noted. Thereafter the required modifications are made to the text and Language quality report is prepared.


Final Delivery

The Project Team ensures that all client instructions have been implemented as per the checklist and glossary. The team also makes a final check on translated file list & formatting before making the delivery. Files are scanned to make sure they are virus free before being uploaded to the FTP Server. Our services don’t end here, the project team remains available for query resolution and any further clarifications required by you.

PreDelivery Quality Review

Ensure conformity with checklist & glossary

File Scanning for Viruses

Verified files are uplaoded to FTP server

File Formatting Control

Verification of the file list & formatting

Our Post Delivery Services

We remain available for resolving Queries